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86ers walk-off Honeybusters at the temple of Sandlot, The Longtime in Austin | June 10, 2023

It was a warm, late Spring day at The Longtime in Austin, the temple of all that is holy in the Sandlot community, when another epic battle took place between the Oak Cliff 86ers and the River City Honeybusters. As a reminder, both teams squared off for the first game of the season in March, and the 86ers took it on the chin, so they had a chip on their shoulders traveling down I35E to Austin. No one really understood the feeling of playing on the field that Texas Playboys' founder Jack Sanders has built until you walk out onto the well-cared for field and take it all in. A rag-tag, die-hard baseball crew greeted us and handed us shovels to help prep for the first of two games that day, our game and the primer game of the Sheeple vs the Texas Playboys. It was a Dallas Barnstorm! The dugouts, outfield fence, and netting all seem sourced from junkyards, FB marketplace and your old uncles' backyard with attention to detail and design, meaning it's just cool as shit. There's a beautifully built marquee and scoring signage right over the bar and grill next to the Texas Playboys home dugout. Even a play-by-play pair of obvious comedic genius' were heard during the second game. The crew stocked the dugouts with Lone Star to drink while we played an epic game played by adult-children with baseball dreams to fulfill. Here's video of the walk-off made by Omar Rivera of the 86ers, and a photo dump:

*Above is video from the Texas Playboys vs Sheeple game

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