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Welcome to Oak Cliff Sandlot!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

This is where updates will be posted regarding sponsors, transactions, events and more. Please sign up for the email updates. We are working on setting up email updates for pickup, 86ers and Honey Busters game info so you can know what's happening and where, fast.

A few highlights from this past 1st season and 1st off season:

-Thanks to all that showed up to the pickup games in 2022. These games are the heartbeat of this whole thing. Without you, there's nothing (definitely no 86ers).

-We visited Austin and San Antonio in 2022. We plan to hit the road to Tulsa, Hot Springs, Austin, Ft Worth and Winona, MN (Winona Barnstorm) in 2023.

-The 86ers and Honey Busters will have 2023 home games against Tulsa, OKC, Austin and San Antonio teams. Come out and welcome these teams to Oak Cliff, TX. Games are ALWAYS FREE.

-The 1st off season announced that the River City Honey Busters to the Oak Cliff Sandlot family. This will allow us to do bigger and better sandlot things, like helping OCS join more sandlot events that require a bit more driving time. Team OCS will spread the word of Oak Cliff Sandlot to the far reaches of the world. Plus its own jerseys. Yeah, new jerseys!

-86ers outfielder Chris Boyd was traded to the River City Honey Busters for a PTBNL or some beer.

-All 2023 pickup games will be located at Lake Cliff Park on the 1st Saturday of each month starting in March and running through Dec (depending of weather). Times will vary and due to temperatures. Just check the schedule.

-We will have a lot of new merch coming out this season as fundraisers for the Winona Barnstorm.

-The OCS Team is looking for jersey sponsors for the Winona Barnstorm. These jerseys will also be worn at pickup games. Hit us up to discuss.

I think that's it. This blog will be updated at least weekly to keep you all in the know.


Bring a Glove.

Bring a Friend.

Play Baseball.

Here's to a Happy and Healthy 2023 Oak Cliff Sandlot Season.


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